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FortiGuard Web Application Security uses information based on the latest application vulnerabilities, bots, suspicious URL patterns and data-type patterns, and specialized heuristic detection engines, to ensure your web applications remain safe from application-layer threats. Protect your critical data and applications against sophisticated threats such as SQL injection, cross-site scripting, buffer overflows, file inclusions and more, by staying up to date on the service.


Web Application Security Rules in FortiGuard’s database

Version Updates

FortiWeb Web Application Security Update 0.00376 1 week ago Added (0)     Modified (0)
FortiADC Web Application Security Update 1.00051 2 weeks ago Added (0)

Blocks large-scale DDoS attacks from known infected sources.

Protects against web attacks, phishing activity, web scanning, scraping, and more.

Stops the latest application threats with real-time updates.

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