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The FortiGuard Anti-Botnet Service provides network devices real-time threat intelligence on malicious IP/domain data from the Fortinet distributed network of threat sensors and other collaborative and global sources about hostile sources/destinations.

The FortiGuard Advanced Bot Protection Service protects Web Applications against sophisticated bots designed to conduct malicious automated attacks, such as data harvesting, credential stuffing, account take-over attempts, DDoS attacks, and other fraudulent activities.


Number of botnet command and control attempts blocked every minute of every day by FortiGuard Labs

Version Updates

IP Reputation/Anti-Botnet Update 4.864 3 days ago Added (0)
Internet Service Update 7.03648 2 hours ago Modified (0)
Botnet Reputation Domain Updates 3.00734 3 hours ago Added (0)

Protects against latest malware variants with proactive techologies to block new threats

Protects against web attacks, phishing activity, web scanning, scraping, and more

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