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The FortiGuard Labs Research team participates in many conferences and workshops. In the Research Centre you will find information such as slides, video presentations and related research publications.


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[Insomni'hack 2024] The Accessibility Abyss: Navigating Android Malware Waters
This talk is about Android malware which abuse the Accessibility Service API.
May 16, 2024
[BlackAlps 2022] You wont ever write Frida scripts again... (actually, yes, you will, it's just a fancy title)
This talk explains how to unpack Android malware using either static unpackers, or dynamic unpacking with Medusa.
May 16, 2024
[Nullcon Berlin 2024] The complexity of reversing Flutter applications
Flutter is a cross-platform application development platform. With the same codebase, developers write and...
Mar 18, 2024
[BruCON 2023] The Mobile Malware Maze
In this keynote presentation, we will delve into the fascinating evolution of mobile malware over the past...
Oct 24, 2023
[TROOPERS 23] Stay fit: Hack a Jump Rope
Reversing IoT devices is usually fun. During lock down, I decided to hack AND stay fit with a connected...
Aug 08, 2023
[THCon 2023] Hacking for Ideas
This keynote was presented at THCon on April 21, 2023.It talks about hacking IoT, IoT malware and the...
May 02, 2023
[Insomni'hack 2023] Hacking your Jump Rope or your Coffee Machine
Apr 07, 2023
[Virus Bulletin 2022] Hunting the AndroidBianLian botnet
SlidesPaperVideoThis research was presented at Virus Bulletin, in September 2022.
Nov 07, 2022
[Virus Bulletin 2021] Reverse Android malware like a Jedi Master
Jan 10, 2022
[BotConf 2020] Building and maintaining a honeypot for medical devices
This talk was presented online at BotConf in December 2020.
Dec 07, 2020