AntiSpam Service

FortiGuard Antispam provides a comprehensive and multi-layered approach to detect and filter spam processed by organizations. Dual-pass detection technology can dramatically reduce spam volume at the perimeter, giving you unmatched control of email attacks and infections. Additionally, FortiClient endpoint agents can block spam messages on remote computers and mobile devices.
FortiGuard hubs are globally situated to provide fast real time updates and signature data for any network.

80 Million

New and updated anti-spam signatures every week
Version: 104.06577
Updated: 12 minutes ago
  • IP Update:
    104.06577           12 minutes ago
  • URI Update:
    96.47757           9 minutes ago
  • Checksum Update:
    83.25280           11 minutes ago
blockReduces volume of spam at your perimeter with dual- pass detection technology.
pushpullPush and pull options give you the fastest possible security updates