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FortiAnalyzer Security Automation Service offers a comprehensive suite of features, including premium reports, event handlers, advanced correlation rules, 3rd-party log parsers, automation connectors, data enrichment, and incident response playbooks. These tools are designed to empower SecOps teams to enhance their ability to swiftly detect, investigate, and respond to security incidents

Featuring an automated approach allowing you to:

Correlation Rules. Advanced correlation rules to comprehensively cover detection scenarios throughout the entire cyber kill chain

Log Parsers. A carefully curated selection of log parsers, making integration with none Fortinet devices effortless and efficient.

Reports. Purposefully designed report templates to offer advanced operational insights

Connectors & Playbooks. Access a comprehensive set of playbooks for data enrichment, incident investigation, and response. SecOps can rely on these frequently updated resources, eliminating the need to create their own.

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