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FortiGuard Web Filtering is the highest rated VBWeb certified web filtering service in the industry for security effectiveness by Virus Bulletin. It blocked 97.8% of direct malware downloads and stopped 98.6% of malware served through all tested methods in Virus Bulletin’s 2017 VBWeb security testing. According to Virus Bulletin, Fortinet is the only vendor in the 2017 VBWeb tests confident enough in our security solution to share results in a public test.


Malicious/Phishing/Spam URLs blocked by FortiGuard labs, through approximately 307 million categorized URLs

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Prevents malware downloads from malicious or hacked websites

Meets compliance requirements for both CIPA and BECTA

Major Web Filter Categories

  • Abortion
  • Advertising
  • Advocacy Organizations
  • Alcohol
  • Alcohol and Tobacco
  • Alternative Beliefs
  • Armed Forces
  • Artificial Intelligence Technology
  • Arts and Culture
  • Auction
  • Brokerage and Trading
  • Business
  • Charitable Organizations
  • Child Education
  • Child Sexual Abuse

Frequently Asked Questions

Please fill out this form and suggest a category from the available web filtering categories. You may optionally provide a screen capture of block message. (add a link to the web filter categories page)

Please fill out this form and provide details of the problem encountered. Please include the Fortinet hardware or software product used including model, os and/or software version number as appropriate.

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