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FortiTester offers network performance testing and Breach Attack Simulation (BAS) service with CVE-based Intrusion, Web application and IOT attacks, along with malware strike pack and MITRE ATT&CK service package. In day-to-day SOC operations penetration testing and breach simulation becomes important to ensure technology, people and processes are working correctly. FortiTester provides testing against your NGFW, IOT and WAF (Web application firewall) signatures to ensure you are up-to-date with protection on internet edge and also internal segmentation controls.

Version Updates

IPS Attack Definitions Update 0.00167 8 hours ago Added (0)    
Malware Strike Pack Update 1.00037 2 months ago    
Web Protections Update 23.00511 3 months ago    
ATT&CK Database Update 1.70030 3 months ago Added (0)     Modified (0)