FortiGuard Responder Service

FortiGuard Responder Services: An Extension of Your Team and Technology

To help security leaders address these challenges, Fortinet offers FortiGuard Responder Services. FortiGuard Responder Services enable organizations to achieve continuous monitoring as well as incident response and forensic investigation.

The FortiGuard Responder Services team is staffed with professionals who possess years of training and experience in malware hunting and analysis, reverse engineering, multiple scripting languages, forensics, incident response processes, and the tactics, techniques, and procedures of bad actors. FortiGuard Responder Service is available as two separate services:

FortiGuard Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

The FortiGuard Managed Detection and Response (MDR) Service is designed for customers of the FortiEDR advanced endpoint security platform. FortiGuard MDR provides organizations with 24x7 continuous threat monitoring, alert triage, and incident handling by experienced analysts and the platform. FortiGuard MDR is designed to help organizations defeat even the most advanced attacks.

In order to do so, Fortinet focuses on monitoring the events produced by FortiEDR/XDR for customers. This team of threat experts reviews and analyzes every alert, proactively hunts threats, and takes actions on behalf of customers to ensure they are protected according to their risk profile. Additionally, the FortiGuard team provides guidance and next steps to incident responders and IT administrators.

For more information, see FortiGuard Managed Detection and Response Service - Fact Sheet.

FortiGuard Incident Response Service

The FortiGuard Incident Response Service provides organizations in the midst of a cyber security incident, including targeted ransomware attacks, with the experienced staff, expert skills, powerful tools and established process needed to efficiently assess the situation, its scope and steps necessary to contain the impact and help recover operations.

FortiGuard Incident Response consultants have decades of first-hand investigatory experience and draw on the full support resource of FortiGuard Labs, the threat intelligence and research organization at Fortinet. The FortiGuard Incident Response Service is the ideal choice to help enterprise IT and security teams of all sizes navigate through high pressure and high stakes of cybersecurity incidents.

For more information, see FortiGuard Incident Response Service - Fact Sheet.