FortiOS - Improper Inter-VDOM access control


An improper access control vulnerability [CWE-284] in FortiOS may allow an authenticated attacker with a restricted user profile to gather sensitive information and modify the SSL-VPN tunnel status of other VDOMs using specific CLI commands.

Affected Products

FortiGate version 7.0.3 and below.
FortiGate version 6.4.8 and below.
FortiOS version 6.2.0 through 6.2.10


Please upgrade to FortiGate version 7.0.4 or above.
Please upgrade to FortiGate version 6.4.9 or above.
Please upgrade to FortiOS version 6.2.11 or above.


Fortinet is pleased to thank Alexis La Goutte for reporting this vulnerability under responsible disclosure.