PSIRT Advisories

Stored XSS under CA and CRL certificate view page


Javascript code and HTML tags can be injected into the CN value of CA and CRL certificates via the import CA and CRL certificates feature of the GUI. The injected code may be executed when the GUI administrator views the CA certificate details and browses CRL certificates when CN values are rendered.

Affected Products

FortiManager 6.0.0, 5.6.4 and below.
FortiAnalyzer 6.0.0, 5.6.4 and below.


FortiManager: upgrade to 5.6.5 or 6.0.1
FortiAnalyzer: upgrade to 5.6.5 or 6.0.1


Restrain from uploading untrusted CA and CRL certificates and/or check the CA and CRL certificate content before uploading.


Fortinet is pleased to thank independent researcher Hassan Kooshkaki and independent researcher Farid Heydari reporting this vulnerability under responsible disclosure.