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REvil Ransomware

Released: Jul 08, 2021

High Severity

Ransomware Type

Targeting the Kaseya VSA Vulnerability

A recent high profile exploit involing Kaseya VSA product was linked to the REvil ransomware. This report summarizes the Fortinet Security Fabric coverage for the REvil ransomware itself. Refer to the separate report for more detail about the Kaseya vulnerability. Learn More »


Kaseya is a high profile outbreak, with information still pending to be released regarding the initial vulnerability that was compromised. REvil is a known ransomware group/family that has been used in the past, and is part of existing security coverage by multiple Fortinet security products. Recently, it has been used by attackers targeting the high profile Kaseya VSA vulnerability, to demand ransom from many global organizations including MSPs who represent many hundred or thousand customers underneath. This report focusses specifcally on the REvil ransomware protection and IOC detections by the Security Fabric products.

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July 5: REvil ransomware gang takes credit for the Kaseya attack -

Refer to the Kaseya timeline for the latest status of the on-premise patch and restoration of their SaaS service:

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Threat Intelligence

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