This indicates an attack attempt to exploit a Path Traversal Vulnerability in Apache HTTP Server.
The vulnerability is due to a path normalisation error in Apache HTTP Server. Successful exploitation can potentially lead to information disclosure.

description-logoOutbreak Alert

Apache webservers running an older and vulnerable version of Apache 2.4.49 and 2.4.50 are still deployed on various could platforms. According to Shodan, 6000+ webservers could still be vulnerable to a path traversal attack and can eventually lead to remote code execution.

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Joint Cybersecurity Advisory (CSA) has released the top Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs) used since 2020 by Peoples Republic of China (PRC) state-sponsored cyber actors as assessed by the National Security Agency (NSA), Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Previously, FortiGuard labs has already published various Outbreaks Alerts included in the released CISA's advisory such as: Apache Log4j, Hikvision Webserver Vulnerability, Atlassian Confluence OGNL RCE Vulnerability, Microsoft Exchange Server RCE Vulnerabilities etc. See the full list at: https://www.fortiguard.com/outbreak-alert Links to dedicated reports on each published outbreak by FortiGuard Labs are added to Additional Resources section below.

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In the year 2022, FortiGuard IPS and FortiGuard AV/Sandbox blocked three trillion and six trillion hits respectively from vulnerabilities, malware and 0-day attacks. Those encompassed several thousand varieties of Remote Code Execution, Cross-Site Scripting, Elevation of Privilege, Denial of Service, Trojans, Exploits. FortiGuard Labs alerted customers with numerous critical threats throughout the year based on factors such as proof-of-concept, attack vectors, impact, ease of attack, dependencies, and more. This annual report covers:>

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FortiGuard Labs continue to observe widespread activity of Androxgh0st Malware in the wild exploiting multiple vulnerabilities, specifically targeting- the PHPUnit (CVE-2017-9841), Laravel Framework (CVE-2018-15133) and Apache Web Server (CVE-2021-41773) to spread and conduct information gathering attacks on the target networks

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affected-products-logoAffected Products

Apache HTTP Server 2.4.49, 2.4.50

Impact logoImpact

Information Disclosure: Remote attackers can gain sensitive information from vulnerable systems.

recomended-action-logoRecommended Actions

Apply the most recent upgrade or patch from the vendor.

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IPS (Regular DB)
IPS (Extended DB)

Version Updates

Date Version Detail
2023-08-10 25.619 Sig Added
2021-11-18 18.199 Sig Added
2021-11-08 18.192 Default_action:pass:drop
2021-10-07 18.173