This indicates an attack attempt to exploit a Command Injection vulnerability in Seowon Intech Routers.
The vulnerability is due to insufficient sanitizing of user supplied inputs in the application when handling a crafted HTTP request. A remote attacker may be able to exploit this to execute arbitrary code within the context of the application, via a crafted HTTP request.

affected-products-logoAffected Products

Seowon Intech routers

Impact logoImpact

System Compromise: Remote attackers can execute arbitrary code on vulnerable systems.

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Currently we are unaware of any vendor supplied patch or updates available for this issue.

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IPS (Regular DB)
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Version Updates

Date Version Detail
2020-11-11 16.960 Sig Added
2020-10-19 16.945 Default_action:pass:drop
2020-10-07 16.939


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