This indicates an attack attempt against a Remote Code Execution vulnerability in Dasan GPON.
The vulnerability is due to insufficient sanitizing of user supplied inputs in the application. A remote attacker may be able to exploit this to execute arbitrary code within the context of the application, via a crafted request.

description-logoOutbreak Alert

FortiGuard Labs has observed various router vulnerabilities being exploited in the wild to distribute malware such as MooBot Malware, Lucifer Malware, BotenaGo Botnet, Zerobot Malware, Enemybot Malware.

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affected-products-logoAffected Products

ZNID-GPON-25xx and certain H640-series ONTs

Impact logoImpact

Device Compromise: Remote attackers can gain control of vulnerable devices.

recomended-action-logoRecommended Actions

Currently no official patch, you can patch it here

Telemetry logoTelemetry


IPS (Regular DB)
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Version Updates

Date Version Detail
2024-03-06 27.744 Sig Added
2022-02-01 19.251 Sig Added
2020-07-09 15.882 Sig Added
2019-02-11 14.548 Sig Added
2018-10-04 13.464 Sig Added