This indicates an attack attempt to exploit an Unrestricted File Upload Vulnerability in MOVEit Transfer.
The vulnerability is due to improper sanitization of user supplied input. A remote, unauthenticated attacker can exploit this to upload arbitrary files to the target server. Successfully exploiting this vulnerability can result in uploading of web shells and remote code execution.

description-logoOutbreak Alert

A SQL injection vulnerability has been found in the MOVEit Transfer web application that could allow an unauthenticated attacker to gain access to MOVEit Transfer's database. According to the vendor, depending on the database engine being used (MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, or Azure SQL), an attacker may be able to gather information about the structure and contents of the database and execute SQL statements that can change or delete database elements..

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affected-products-logoAffected Products

In Progress MOVEit Transfer before 2021.0.6 (13.0.6), 2021.1.4 (13.1.4), 2022.0.4 (14.0.4), 2022.1.5 (14.1.5), 2023.0.1 (15.0.1)

Impact logoImpact

System Compromise: Remote attackers can gain control of vulnerable systems.

recomended-action-logoRecommended Actions

Apply the most recent upgrade or patch from the vendor:

Version Updates

Date Version Detail
2023-07-14 0.00353
2023-06-07 0.00350

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