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This indicates an attempt to access MSP360 (CloudBerry) Backup.
MSP360 (formerly known as CloudBerry Lab) provides files and system backup solutions on the cloud or locally for business or personal use. It's integrated with a variety of storage providers such as Amazon S3, Azure, Backblaze B2 etc, which users have the options to select from or setup their own storage servers.
Note: this signature detects for the attempt to access CloudBerry Backup software; the backup or storage access can be detected by other signatures for the specific storage service providers, such as Amazon S3, Googld Cloud, Microsoft Azure etc.

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Network resources consumption


Browser-Based, Network-Protocol, Client-Server, Peer-to-Peer, Cloud-Based, Mobile-Device


  • Reasonable
  • Cloud

Default Ports

  • TCP/443

Version Updates

Date Version Detail
2019-10-03 14.699