Zero-Day Research | Fixes Pending

Fortinet's team of dedicated expert researchers and analysts examine many third party products and software applications daily, looking for weaknesses and exploitable vulnerabilities. When a vulnerability is found the Fortiguard Lab teams work together to create protective measures that can be delivered to our customers and notify the software/product vendor of the vulnerability. Learn More

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FG-VD-17-025 (Google)

Discovered: Mar 19, 2017 Risk
FG-VD-17-023 (Microsoft)

Discovered: Mar 15, 2017 Risk
FG-VD-17-012 (Google)

Discovered: Feb 10, 2017 Risk
FG-VD-17-014 (Microsoft)

Discovered: Feb 10, 2017 Risk
FG-VD-17-011 (Beam Dental)

Discovered: Jan 26, 2017 Risk
FG-VD-17-005 (Beam Dental)

Discovered: Jan 10, 2017 Risk
FG-VD-17-010 (Beam Dental)

Discovered: Jan 10, 2017 Risk
FG-VD-17-002 (The PHP Group)

Discovered: Jan 03, 2017 Risk
FG-VD-16-091 (WordPress)

Discovered: Dec 07, 2016 Risk
FG-VD-16-014 (Magento)

Discovered: Mar 04, 2016 Risk
FG-VD-16-009 (Magento)

Discovered: Feb 18, 2016 Risk
FG-VD-19-150 (OpenProject)

FG-VD-19-151 (OpenProject)

FG-VD-17-196 (Zimbra)