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Fortinet's team of dedicated expert researchers and analysts examine many third party products and software applications daily, looking for weaknesses and exploitable vulnerabilities. When a vulnerability is found the Fortiguard Lab teams work together to create protective measures that can be delivered to our customers and notify the software/product vendor of the vulnerability. Learn More

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Fortinet Discovers Microsoft Windows Diagnostics Hub/Visual Studio Standard Collector Elevation of Privilege Vulnerability

Jan 28, 2019 Risk CVE-2019-0727
Fortinet Discovers Microsoft Windows Storage Service Elevation of Privilege Vulnerability

Oct 15, 2018 Risk CVE-2019-0659
Fortinet Discovers Microsoft Windows JET Database Engine Heap Overflow Vulnerability

Dec 07, 2017 Risk CVE-2018-1003
Fortinet Discovers Microsoft Word RTF File Handling Memory Corruption Vulnerability

Sep 05, 2017 Risk CVE-2017-11854
Fortinet Discovers Microsoft Windows Server WINS Server Remote Memory Corruption Vulnerability

Dec 27, 2016 Risk
Fortinet Discovers Microsoft Word RTF File Handling Out-of-Bounds Read Vulnerability

Dec 23, 2016 Risk CVE-2017-0105
Fortinet Discovers Microsoft Word RTF File Handling Use-After-Free Vulnerability

Nov 21, 2016 Risk CVE-2017-0019
Fortinet Discovers Microsoft Publisher 2010 Memory Corruption Vulnerability

Sep 29, 2016 Risk CVE-2016-7289