Threat Signal

The Threat Signal created by the FortiGuard Labs is intended to provide you with insight on emerging issues that are trending within the cyber threat landscape. The Threat Signal will provide concise technical details about the issue, mitigation recommendations and a perspective from the FortiGuard Labs team in an FAQ style format.

Whether it’s significant vulnerability disclosures including high profile zero days, coordinated announcements with Cyber Threat Alliance partners, malware of significance, or any threat making the news cycle, FortiGuard Threat Signals are there for you.

FortiGuard Labs is aware of a new Malware Analysis Report (MAR 10319053-1.v1) released today by the Cybersecurity and Infr...

Jan 27, 2021 Threat Level: HIGH ID: 3
The FortiEDR team has discovered a new ransomware variant named DarkWorld. FortiGuard Labs has confirmed this ransomware i...

Jan 21, 2021 Threat Level: MED ID: 2