XZ Utils Supply Chain Attack (CVE-2024-3094)


What is the vulnerability/attack? A malicious code was discovered embedded in the XZ Utils, a data compression software included in major Linux distributions. This vulnerability tracked under CVE-2024-3094 results from a supply chain attack on versions 5.6.0 and 5.6.1 of the related tools and libraries. A security researcher found the malicious code when he experienced an unexpected behavior, leading to further investigation and discovery of the vulnerability.
What is the recommended Mitigation? CISA has advised XZ Utils users to downgrade to an older version of the utility immediately (i.e., any version before 5.6.0) and update their installations and packages according to distribution maintainer directions. Major Linux distributions and package maintainers have published guidance on updating. Please see the link and refer to individual distribution and package advisories for the latest information and remediation guidance.
What FortiGuard Coverage is available? FortiGuard has released an endpoint vulnerability signature to detect systems running vulnerable XZ Utils "FortiClient Vulnerability". As the situation is still developing; the FortiGuard team will update the threat signal and provide more information on related protections as they are released. FortiGuard Incident Response team can be engaged to help with any suspected compromise.