Apache OFBiz Authentication Bypass (CVE-2023-51467, CVE-2023-49070)


What is the vulnerability? There is an authentication bypass vulnerability in Apache OFBiz tracked under CVE-2023-51467 and CVE-2023-49070. Successful exploitation would let an attacker circumvent authentication processes, enabling them to remotely execute arbitrary code and access sensitive information. Apache OFBiz is an open-source business application suite for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) which integrates and automates many of the business processes across industries.
What is the Vendor Solution? Customers are advised to upgrade to Apache OFBiz version 18.12.11 to patch these vulnerabilities. For more information, please refer to the Apache Security Advisory. [ Link ]
What FortiGuard Coverage is available? FortiGuard Labs has an IPS signature "Apache.OFBiz.CVE-2023-49070.XMLRPC.Insecure.Deserialization" in place for CVE-2023-49070 and is investigating to create protection against exploitation of CVE-2023-51467.
FortiGuard Labs recommends companies to scan their environment, find vulnerable Apache OFBiz application, and upgrade as per vendor advisory and always follow best practices.



CVE-2023-49070 (NIST)

CVE-2023-51467 (NIST)