Industrial Security Services

The FortiGuard Industrial Security Service for FortiGate combines IPS and Application control signatures focused on Operational Technology.

FortiGuard Industrial Security Service provides Industrial Control Systems with the capability to detect and protect against network-level threats, while enabling extensive visibility into the industrial applications used in such environments.

FortiGuard hubs are globally situated to provide fast real time updates and signature data for any network.


Sum of IPS and Application Control rules in Industrial DB
Version 23.523
Updated: 1 day ago
  • 23.523           1 day ago
  • 23.521           3 days ago
  • 23.519           1 week ago
  • 23.517           1 week ago
  • 23.513           2 weeks ago
finetuneLets you fine-tune your policies based on application type via application categories

optimizeOptimizes bandwidth usage on your network by prioritizing or blocking traffic based on application