FortiTester Service

FortiTester offers network performance testing and Breach Attack Simulation (BAS) service with CVE-based Intrusion, Web application and IOT attacks, along with malware strike pack and MITRE ATT&CK service package. In day-to-day SOC operations penetration testing and breach simulation becomes important to ensure technology, people and processes are working correctly. FortiTester provides testing against your NGFW, IOT and WAF (Web application firewall) signatures to ensure you are up-to-date with protection on internet edge and also internal segmentation controls.

Malware via different network protocols such as Email, Web, network protocols such as SMB are common methods of attacks. FortiTester provides a up-to-date malware strike pack with different types of malware (such as Ransomware, trojans etc) to test your Advance Threat Protection solutions, regardless of which vendors you are using. To ensure your network, endpoint, and applications are secure and constantly detecting the latest malware, constant testing and simulation can play a significant role in SOC day-to-day operations.

ATT&CK MITRE package includes Breach Attack Simulation such as credentials dumping, lateral movements, scheduling malicious tasks on servers, remote API calls, Powershell execution etc. An excellent, non-intrusive way to test your network and Advance Threat solutions. FortiTester constantly provides MITRE ATT&CK updates via a subscription based service, along with CVE based intrusions, web/IOT attacks and a malware strike pack.

FortiTester Services:

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