Outbreak Alerts

FortiGuard Outbreak Alerts will be the mechanism for communicating important information to customers and partners. When a cybersecurity incident/attack/event occurs that has large ramifications to the cybersecurity industry and affects numerous organizations, this page will be updated with a link to the individual FortiGuard Outbreak Alert. That Alert will include:

  • An explanation of the attack, its timeline and what specific technology was affected
  • Where applicable patches and/or mitigation recommendations can be found
  • What Fortinet products, if deployed, would break the attack sequence
  • What specific versions those Fortinet products need to be at to provide the protection
  • Threat Hunting tools from Fortinet to help you determine if you were affected
  • Related research from FortiGuard Labs
A vulnerability on Microsoft Support Diagnostic Tool (MSDT) in Microsoft Windows has been spotted in the wild that allows remote code execution.

Released: May 31, 2022 Severity: High
Known for exploiting vulnerabilities in web apps and databases to install coin miners on both Windows and Linux systems.

Released: May 14, 2022 Severity: High