Research Centre

The FortiGuard Labs Research team participates in many conferences and workshops. In the Research Centre you will find information such as slides, video presentations and related research publications.

Presented at Area41 Slides can be found here : Area41Public.pdf

Jun 12, 2014
Those slides were presented at the CARO Workshop, May 2014. Malware authors certainly are creative when it comes to hiding...

May 22, 2014
In computers, the term sandboxing has long been used to represent a safe, isolated environment in which to run malicious code...

Apr 11, 2014
Android's Dalvik Executables (DEX) are full of sneaky corners, and this is just perfect for a game of Hide and Seek. The first...

Oct 25, 2013
This paper was presented at Virus Bulletin conference, October 2013. Presentation Slides : Presentation Slides

Oct 07, 2013
With smartphones getting smarter by the day, a modern day cellphone presents an attacker with the perfect attack scenario - a...

Aug 28, 2013
Demonstration video on YouTube.

Nov 05, 2012
Computer virology bares such a strong resemblance with Human virology that both worlds have often been compared humorously. In...

May 10, 2012
This paper is all about finding new Android malware in the wild (crawling Google Play but also spotting suspicious applications...

May 10, 2012