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  • Virus is 32bit with file size of 60,416 bytes
  • Virus may be introduced to the system from another computer across a network or the Internet, particularly if the target system has weak or no password for the main or administrator account
  • If virus is run, it will copy itself to the undefinedWindowsundefined\System folder as "piriax32.exe"
  • Next the virus will modify the registry to auto run at next Windows startup -

    "Winux Piriax Service" = piriax32.exe

    "Winux Piriax Service" = piriax32.exe

  • The virus will then attempt to locate systems across the network and attempt to connect with and infect them by copying itself to that target machine - the virus will try to write itself to one of three possible share locations -


  • If the virus is successful in connecting with the target, it will attempt to write itself as "musirc4.71.exe" to the System32 folder

  • Next, the virus will remotely schedule that system to run the file using the import "NetScheduleJobAdd" from Netapi32.dll

  • The virus will try to scan for other systems across the same subnet using randomly selected IP addresses (a.b.*.*)

  • The virus will attempt to send DNS query packet to identify the IP address of the IRC server "" and then attempt to join the IRC channel "#DeathBlossom"

  • The virus will then await instructions from a hacker or group of hackers

recommended-action-logoRecommended Action

  • If your organization does not require it, deny access to TCP port 445 for Internal to External (INT -> EXT) and External to Internal (EXT -> INT)

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