This indicates an attack attempt to exploit a Remote Code Execution in Microsoft Exchange Server.
The vulnerability is due to insufficient sanitization when handling a malicious request. A remote attacker may be able to exploit this to disclose data or execute arbitrary code within the context of the application, via a crafted HTTP request.

description-logoOutbreak Alert

Critical zero-day vulnerabilities that can allow the attacker to do a Remote Code Execution (RCE) on Microsoft Exchange Servers. FortiGuard has added multiple protections throughout the Security Fabric to safeguard its customers from attacks exploiting these zero-day vulnerabilities.

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The Hive ransomware gang has received up to $100+ million in ransom payments from more than 1,300 victims according to a joint advisory released by the FBI, the U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, and the Department of Health and Human Services.

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In the year 2022, FortiGuard IPS and FortiGuard AV/Sandbox blocked three trillion and six trillion hits respectively from vulnerabilities, malware and 0-day attacks. Those encompassed several thousand varieties of Remote Code Execution, Cross-Site Scripting, Elevation of Privilege, Denial of Service, Trojans, Exploits. FortiGuard Labs alerted customers with numerous critical threats throughout the year based on factors such as proof-of-concept, attack vectors, impact, ease of attack, dependencies, and more. This annual report covers:>

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affected-products-logoAffected Products

Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 Cumulative Update 23
Microsoft Exchange Server 2019 Cumulative Update 9
Microsoft Exchange Server 2016 Cumulative Update 20
Microsoft Exchange Server 2016 Cumulative Update 19
Microsoft Exchange Server 2019 Cumulative Update 8

Impact logoImpact

System Compromise: Remote attackers can gain control of vulnerable systems.

recomended-action-logoRecommended Actions

Apply the most recent upgrade or patch from the vendor.

Telemetry logoTelemetry


IPS (Regular DB)
IPS (Extended DB)

Version Updates

Date Version Detail
2023-06-06 23.571 Sig Added
2023-03-08 23.508 Sig Added
2023-02-14 22.495 Sig Added
2022-12-27 22.464 Sig Added
2022-12-14 22.457 Sig Added
2022-10-24 22.420 Sig Added
2022-10-11 22.411 Sig Added
2022-10-03 22.405 Name:MS.
2022-09-14 22.392 Sig Added
2021-10-27 18.186 Sig Added