Intrusion Prevention



This indicates an attack attempt to exploit an Information Disclosure vulnerability in various Netgear routers.
The vulnerability is due to insufficient sanitization of user supplied inputs in the application. A remote attacker can exploit this to gain unauthorized access to sensitive information.

Affected Products

# AC1450 V1.0.0.34_10.0.16 (Latest)
# AC1450 V1.0.0.22_1.0.10
# AC1450 V1.0.0.14_1.0.6
# D6400 V1.0.0.44_1.0.44 (V1.0.0.52_1.0.52 and above not affected)
# D6400 V1.0.0.34_1.3.34
D6400 V1.0.0.38_1.1.38
D6400 V1.0.0.22_1.0.22
DC112A V1.0.0.30_1.0.60 (Latest)
DGN2200v4 V1.0.0.24_5.0.8 (V1.0.0.66_1.0.66 is latest and is not affected)
JNDR3000 V1.0.0.18_1.0.16 (Latest)
R6200 V1.0.1.48_1.0.37 (V1.0.1.52_1.0.41 and above are not affected)
R6200v2 V1.0.1.20_1.0.18 (V1.0.3.10_10.1.10 is latest and is not affected)
R6250 V1.0.1.84_1.0.78 (V1.0.4.2_10.1.10 is latest and is not affected)
R6300 V1.0.2.78_1.0.58 (Latest)
R6300v2 V1.0.4.2_10.0.74 (V1.0.4.6_10.0.76 is latest and is patched)
R6300v2 V1.0.3.30_10.0.73
R6700 V1.0.1.14_10.0.29 (Latest beta)
R6700 V1.0.0.26_10.0.26 (Latest stable)
R6700 V1.0.0.24_10.0.18
R6900 V1.0.0.4_1.0.10 (Latest)
R7000 V1.0.6.28_1.1.83 (V1.0.7.2_1.1.93 is latest and is patched)
R8300 V1.0.2.48_1.0.52
R8500 V1.0.2.30_1.0.43 (V1.0.2.64_1.0.62 and above is patched)
R8500 V1.0.2.26_1.0.41
R8500 V1.0.0.56_1.0.28
R8500 V1.0.0.20_1.0.11
VEGN2610 V1.0.0.35_1.0.35 (Latest)
VEGN2610 V1.0.0.29_1.0.29
VEGN2610 V1.0.0.27_1.0.27
WNDR3400v2 V1.0.0.16_1.0.34 (V1.0.0.52_1.0.81 is latest and is not affected)
WNDR3400v3 V1.0.0.22_1.0.29 (V1.0.1.2_1.0.51 is latest and is not affected)
WNDR3700v3 V1.0.0.38_1.0.31 (Latest)
WNDR4000 V1.0.2.4_9.1.86 (Latest)
WNDR4500 V1.0.1.40_1.0.68 (Latest)
WNDR4500v2 V1.0.0.60_1.0.38 (Latest)
WNDR4500v2 V1.0.0.42_1.0.25
WGR614v10 V1.0.2.60_60.0.85NA (Latest)
WGR614v10 V1.0.2.58_60.0.84NA
WGR614v10 V1.0.2.54_60.0.82NA
WN3100RP V1.0.0.14_1.0.19 (Latest)
WN3100RP V1.0.0.6_1.0.12
Lenovo R3220 V1.0.0.16_1.0.16 (Latest)
Lenovo R3220 V1.0.0.13_1.0.13


Information Disclosure: Remote attackers can gain sensitive information from vulnerable systems.

Recommended Actions

Currently we are unaware of any vendor supplied patch or updates available for this issue.

CVE References