Endpoint Vulnerability

RHSA-2019:2029: kernel security, bug fix, and enhancement update (Important)


The kernel packages contain the Linux kernel, the core of any Linux operating system. Security Fix(es): * Kernel: vhost_net: infinite loop while receiving packets leads to DoS (CVE-2019-3900) * Kernel: page cache side channel attacks (CVE-2019-5489) * kernel: Buffer overflow in hidp_process_report (CVE-2018-9363) * kernel: l2tp: Race condition between pppol2tp_session_create() and l2tp_eth_create() (CVE-2018-9517) * kernel: kvm: guest userspace to guest kernel write (CVE-2018-10853) * kernel: use-after-free Read in vhost_transport_send_pkt (CVE-2018-14625) * kernel: use-after-free in ucma_leave_multicast in drivers/infiniband/core/ucma.c (CVE-2018-14734) * kernel: Mishandling of indirect calls weakens Spectre mitigation for paravirtual guests (CVE-2018-15594) * kernel: TLB flush happens too late on mremap (CVE-2018-18281) * kernel: Heap address information leak while using L2CAP_GET_CONF_OPT (CVE-2019-3459) * kernel: Heap address information leak while using L2CAP_PARSE_CONF_RSP (CVE-2019-3460) * kernel: denial of service vector through vfio DMA mappings (CVE-2019-3882) * kernel: fix race condition between mmget_not_zero()/get_task_mm() and core dumping (CVE-2019-11599) * kernel: a NULL pointer dereference in drivers/scsi/megaraid/megaraid_sas_base.c leading to DoS (CVE-2019-11810) * kernel: fs/ext4/extents.c leads to information disclosure (CVE-2019-11833) * kernel: Information exposure in fd_locked_ioctl function in drivers/block/floppy.c (CVE-2018-7755) * kernel: Memory leak in drivers/net/wireless/mac80211_hwsim.c:hwsim_new_radio_nl() can lead to potential denial of service (CVE-2018-8087) * kernel: HID: debug: Buffer overflow in hid_debug_events_read() in drivers/hid/hid-debug.c (CVE-2018-9516) * kernel: Integer overflow in the alarm_timer_nsleep function (CVE-2018-13053) * kernel: NULL pointer dereference in lookup_slow function (CVE-2018-13093) * kernel: NULL pointer dereference in xfs_da_shrink_inode function (CVE-2018-13094) * kernel: NULL pointer dereference in fs/xfs/libxfs/xfs_inode_buf.c (CVE-2018-13095) * kernel: Information leak in cdrom_ioctl_drive_status (CVE-2018-16658) * kernel: out-of-bound read in memcpy_fromiovecend() (CVE-2018-16885) * Kernel: KVM: leak of uninitialized stack contents to guest (CVE-2019-7222) For more details about the security issue(s), including the impact, a CVSS score, acknowledgments, and other related information, refer to the CVE page(s) listed in the References section. Additional Changes: For detailed information on changes in this release, see the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.7 Release Notes linked from the References section.

Affected Products