Endpoint Vulnerability

About the security content of OS X Yosemite v10.10.2 and Security Update 2015-001


This update fixes the vulnerabilities existed in AFP Server, bash, Bluetooth, CFNetwork Cache, CoreGraphics, CPU Software, CommerceKit Framework, CoreSymbolication, FontParser, Foundation, Intel Graphics Driver, IOAcceleratorFamily, IOHIDFamily, IOKit, IOUSBFamily, Kerberos, Kernel, LaunchServices, libnetcore, LoginWindow, lukemftp, ntpd, OpenSSL, Sandbox, SceneKit, Security, security_taskgate, Spotlight, SpotlightIndex, sysmond, UserAccountUpdater etc.

Affected Products

AFP Server,bash,Bluetooth,CFNetwork Cache,CoreGraphics,CPU Software,CommerceKit Framework,CoreSymbolication,FontParser,Foundation