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This indicates an attempt to access Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Light Switch.
Kasa by TP-Link is a smart home system including smart plugs, smart blubs, and smart switches. The Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Light Switch enables remote control of lights, ceiling fans or other fixtures from anywhere. It has capabilities for Alexa or Google Assistant integration and schedules or scenes can be configured through the Kasa Smart App. The smart switch works with a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network without the need of a separate hub.
This signature detects the HS200 model.

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Kasa Smart Wifi Light Switch

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Network resources consumption


Browser-Based, Network-Protocol, Client-Server, Peer-to-Peer, Cloud-Based, Mobile-Device


  • Reasonable
  • Cloud

Default Ports

  • TCP/80
  • TCP/443

Version Updates

Date Version Detail
2021-05-04 18.072 Sig Added
2021-04-22 18.064 Sig Added
2021-02-11 17.015 Sig Added
2021-02-08 17.012