• Virus is 32bit, with a size of 24064 bytes and is a minor variant to W32/Opaserv.A
    Virus icon is that of a standard 32bit executable
  • Virus attempts to connect to and update itself however the hard-coded URL is no longer available
  • Virus copies itself to the Windows folder as Brasil.exe and modifies the registry to load at Windows startup –

    Brasil = Windows\Brasil.exe

  • The virus will attempt to use SMB through NetBIOS seeking machines on the same IP subnet

  • The virus will scan IP addresses within the same domain for other shares, using NetBIOS via TCP port 137, seeking systems with open shares

  • If a system is found with an open share, the virus will copy itself to that machine in the Windows folder as Brasil.exe

  • The virus will modify the WIN.INI configuration file to load the dropped virus at Windows startup

  • Virus contains the following string-

    Opasoft Crypted By AlevirusSCS!